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Entry #1

Oh my, I'm getting a major hard-on.

2008-07-22 20:26:23 by Stone-Tha-Killa

This is new. I think I like the concept of a blog on Newgrounds, but I'm not sure. I haven't been here in a looong time, and I return to find this!? It's very strange... Very new, and a little tiny bit shiny, because as I see, people are abusing this like crack addicts.

Anyway, I started watching animations on the portal, and I'm beginning to remember why I stopped watching them in the first place... Damn, people need to quit spamming the portal with crap, it's depressing. Old man voice: Back in my day, there used to be quality submissions every night.

Alright, well, anyway, as we can all tell, I am going to... Abuse this like a crack addict. xD


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2008-07-22 23:29:20

its been here since the redesign... its old
animations: spam is artwork, they manage to evoke a wide range of emotions in their audience, from anger and hatred to despair (at the lack of quality)
so spammers are amazing at their artwork, and it would behove you to ignore their flash if it annoys you
enjoy abusing it like a crack addict i guess x.x


2011-04-06 05:35:52

lmfao u really dont know anything..yea i did sample u ass and yea thts y its a remix and im not using in commercial use so wat am i doing wrong then? this review was a waste of every ones time and it seems u have no life trolling on peoples music...get life ,,,get laid.. and Shut the fuck time wen u write something like this down ..make sure u know wat u saying and read the dam fuckin description ..noob bitch